Build your Android device with Yandex.Kit
How it works
Do it your way. Customise your Android™ phones and tablets however you like. Yandex.Kit provides the essential tools that enable any Android device manufacturer
to do just that.
Build your own firmware using Yandex.Kit's customisable set of components — app store, home screen and dialer, browser, maps library and cloud technology — or select only those features that you need and add any others of your own choosing.
Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
This fully fledged app store serves all your needs –
as well as the needs of your customers.
Must-have apps
for users
100,000 apps – free, paid and freemium – including the most popular, important and essential apps.
Essential features
for manufacturers
Yandex.Store meets all device manufacturers’ needs in terms of billing, updates, app search, range, customisation and more.
Shared revenue
from app sales
Sales revenues are split between app developers, Yandex and device manufacturers.
Yandex.Store supports the One Platform Foundation, a global open-source initiative. Learn more
This intuitive interface enhances user experience
on Android devices.
Dialer and
Address Book
The Yandex.Shell dialer combines the latest trends in organising address books with an innovative usability approach for making calls.
3D Panel framework
The animated 3D panel framework makes it easy to build a 3D environment for widgets and panels.
home screen
Alt apps are easily accessible on the home screen. It offers a more natural user experience and makes it easier to choose apps to use.
A smart, secure and easy-to-use internet browser for smartphones and tablets.
Simple interface
The clutter-free design streamlines functionality with elements positioned where they'll be right at hand.
Turbo mode
Compresses webpages to speed loading when internet connections are slow – economising on time and data.
Tableau (Favourites)
Instant access to favourite and frequently visited sites. Customise it by including the sites you want users to see. 
Requires integration with a local search engine chosen by the producer.
Key extras
Essential for custom firmware, Yandex.Kit’s cartography and cloud technology services are only available in a package with other components.
Yandex.Kit features a worldwide map, which is compatible with geolocation apps that use a mapping API. It includes the main cities, with North America and Europe in the greatest detail. Available with Yandex.Store or the full package.
Cloud technology
Yandex.Kit uses cloud technology for easy syncing between devices and restoring data. Can be packaged with Yandex.Store, Yandex.Browser or Yandex.Shell.
Yandex.Kit is already working in Russia
A number of manufacturers have already preinstalled Yandex.Kit on their devices for the Russian market.
This is how it happened
Get kitted out with Yandex.Kit
Pick any of Yandex.Kit’s core features in any combination and add any of your own to preinstall on your device before shipping it to your customers.
Feel free to ask for assistance in making your personal Yandex.Kit. The top-class developers at Yandex are at your service.
For your personal copy of Yandex.Kit or to find out more about this product, please send an email to: